1st day – Arrival to Villa Miotti de Brajda in the afternoon, welcome drink with presentation of Villa and Tito Miotti, the greatest expert in Friuli Castles and fortification. In that home wrote about more than 400 castles and ancient forts of the Friuli region…

After dinner, you can take a short stroll to the nearby Tricesimo Castle.

2nd day – The castles of morainic hills

Bicycle day discovering the castles, villages and prestigious historical villas that have been built on these suggestive hills. In the morning there is a visit to the medieval village of Santa Margherita del Gruagno and to the Villalta castle, one of the most evocative and best preserved in the region. After a short stop at Fagagna, recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, we will return to Tricesimo, next to the charming castles of Caporiacco, Colloredo di Monte Albano and Cassacco, with a stop to climb to the top of the Mels Tower from where you can enjoy an incredible view on hills, plain and mountains.

Km 40 It’s advisable to use e-bike if you aren’t trained.

Dinner in Villa Miotti de Brajda.

3th day – Udine and its canals

Easy day by bike to discover the nerby town of Udine. In the morning you can reach the city by cycling along the famous Cyclovia Alpe Adria. Before starting the discovery of the city center we stop for a tasting in a historic osteria inn. Udine is a small town with squares of Venetian charm and ancient palaces. During the day we’ll visit the Renaissance castle and the frescoes of Tiepolo preserved in the Patriarchal Palace.

In the afternoon we return to Tricesimo by cycling along the cycle tracks following the canals (called “rogge”) excavated in medieval times to bring water to the city. The “Rogge Cycle” is considered one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the region, will offer you beautiful views of the mountains bordering the Friulian plain and passes by some impressive water-mills that can boast centuries of history.

About 34 km by bicycle. Easy path.

Cooking class in Villa Miotti de Brajda with tasting of food and local wines.


4th day – Departure after breakfast



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